White Man Office Hours with Coach Cape 2: How to Beat The System

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Luz partnered with Coach Kevin Cape, co-founder of Mirror Leadership, to learn all about pay and how to get paid equitably. The wage gap is a serious problem and has only gotten worse for Latinas. Latinas are now the most significantly underpaid group amongst all women losing almost a whopping .10 on the dollar, going from .57 to .49 for every dollar a white man makes. For those who couldn't attend the live workshop, here's an abbreviated version for Members only.

In Session 1: How Pay Works we learned all about the right tactics to get paid equitably, influencing your boss and HR to be on your side where merit pay doesn't exist. Watch session 2, where we will continue learning more about strategies to increase our chances to get a raise with documented proof in a system where performance reviews don't work.