Intro to Spirituality and Hiking, A Guide for Beginners

If you’ve ever wanted to connect with nature on a spiritual level but haven’t quite gotten there yet, then you’re about to download the right guide.

Welcome to Reclama, a spiritual hiking and journaling community for women of color.

Who I am:
I’m a writer, producer and storyteller who is taking her once solo spiritual self-care routine–rooted in my family’s Andean traditions–and sharing it with like-minded women of color. Hiking became my way of spiritually connecting with myself. Writing was what I added to the mix. This community is named Reclama because nature, journaling, and community have helped me reclaim parts of myself I thought were long gone.
I got caught up in the corre corre of working in NYC and didn't visit for a long time. Combine that with job loss, breakup after 10 years, and health issues—I felt like I hit rock bottom. But that's when I tapped into my family's ancestral and spiritual practices as a form of self-care. I was searching high and low for answers when I had them all along.
In leading spiritual hike sand retreats, I've learned that when we allow ourselves to unapologetically take up space in the outdoors, we affirm how we take up space in other parts of our lives. Getting grounded will help you figure out the next best step.
Okay, dale, let's get started.
Un abrazo,

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A woman's back faces the camera as she looks onto a forest of green trees and brush
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