2/22/22 Tarotscope by Gen Kahlo

How can you best take advantage of the 2.22.22 portal? Look below for your sign! Consider looking at your sun, moon, and rising sign for a deeper understanding.

● Aries– Justice: Now is the time to take action and begin creating a life according to what you want and what you think is right. What lessons have you learned before the 2.22.22 portal? How can you best integrate them into your future?

● Taurus– 7 of Cups: Alright Taurus, there is a lot you could do with today’s energy, but you need to make up your mind and focus on one thing at a time. Multitasking is not recommended right now. What do you need to prioritize? What is the one seed you want to sow during today’s portal?

● Gemini– King of Pentacles: Money comes and goes, Gemini. What do you need to focus on manifesting besides money? There is a means to an end. The money will appear in due time, but what will you use it for? What is the greater goal?

● Cancer– The Hermit: You are in the right place, Cancer. It is time to be in community! Get out of your shell and meet like minded people who want to build a similar future to you. You never know how you are meant to network with someone if you don’t get out there and do it!

● Leo– 5 of Swords: Alright Leo, we all know you are brave and won’t give up without a fight. Be wise and realize which battles are worth fighting for. Be deliberate with your intentions for today’s portal. Make sure your intentions and emotions are serving your greatest good, not your ego.

● Virgo– 2 of Wands: You might be wanting to explore another path, Virgo. Fortune favors the brave. Take a chance on something new. You’ve got the support of the universe!

● Libra– 9 of Wands: You are feeling burnt out and exhausted lately, Libra. So much so that you might not even want to celebrate today’s portal! Take it slow and a step at a time. Any small step forward is progress. If you are up for it, make a small and attainable goal in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

● Scorpio: The Sun– This portal is giving you new life, Scorpio! Today is about celebrating the good life with good vibes, very opposite of your typical demeanor. How do you want to harness this joy to last past this portal?

● Sagittarius– Death: No, you are not going to die, Sagittarius. Death is a wonderful card symbolizing rebirth and renewal, like a phoenix rising from the ashes! How would you like to evolve during this time? You have the power to choose who you become moving forward.

● Capricorn– 6 of Pentacles: This may sound unusual, but today ask not what this portal can do for you, but what you can do for this collective energy? There is something you need to share with the world that you’ve been holding onto. Time to let it out and be heard!

● Aquarius– 8 of Wands: The moment you’ve been waiting for is coming sooner than you’d think! Don’t blink or you might miss it. Avoid indecision at all costs!

● Pisces– Page of Cups:This is a perfect card for you, dear Pisces! This portal is happening during your season. Your intuition is heightened and you need to pay attention to the signs around you. Align with your spirit, it cannot lead you astray right now!


Disclaimer: These readings are for entertainment purposes only. Information provided by the reader is not to be substituted for professional, legal and/or medical advice.