White Man Office Hours: How Pay Works

March 17, 2022
March 17, 2022


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Kevin started Cape Coaching and co-founded Mirror Leadership to find out if we can transform work from the thing that blocks the life you want into the thing that actually empowers it. In this process and through continuous self-development and growing self-awareness, Kevin also recognized how fundamentally stacked the system is against people of color.

Kevin has thus made a commitment to attempt to dismantle this white supremacist system one day at a time. And as Latinas and BIWOC trying to make it in the white-dominated patriarchy, we might as well learn all the insider tips and tricks from someone willing to spill the tea.

In this two-part live workshop event, Coach Cape will start out with the fallacy of "merit" in pay. He'll follow up with Performance: How to Beat the System because we all know performance reviews are bullshit.

Session 1: How Pay Works

Pay should be fair, right? Sure, but unfortunately focusing on that won't get you paid what you're worth. Learn the fundamentals of how compensation really works, how to speak the right language to influence your boss and HR to rule in your favor come appraisal time, and where to find the best information to know where your paycheck should stand.

Thursday, March 17, 2022

5:00 pm PST/ 08:00 PM EST
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