Discord Open House

June 21, 2023
June 21, 2023

Join us for Luz's monthly Member-Only open house where you'll have the opportunity to connect with other badass Latinas in our community! You won't want to miss this - join our Discord channel and tap into the power of the collective.

Luz s hosts monthly Discord open houses and other special events. Join and connect with other Members at any time. If you're not active on Discord that's ok, many Latinas aren't, so let's not get left behind! Discord is a gateway to not only connecting with our Luz Members, but also to NFT sales and other opportunities. Let's make sure we're staying ahead of the curve so that we don't miss out on opportunities that are paving and changing our futures!

New Channels For You!

Whether you are looking to take a rest, live and work remotely while you travel the world, or maybe just heal yourself and the people you love, we've got you covered in our #🏃-lifestyle channel!

Discover, learn, build and grow along with other strong Latinas! Besides, learning doesn't have to be boring, right?  Find out the best resources available for your path to success in the #🎓-career

Do you like comics or superhero movies 👀? Well, that's a silly question, who doesn't? Jump into our #🦸🏽-comics channel and let's have fun with reviews, discussions, and theories about Marvel, the MCU, DC, and the latest topics about these movies, all while we also discuss how we are changing the narrative in fiction!

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